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Golf Watch

60beat® Ranger

Get the full GPS Golf Watch and Range Finder Experience

Watch connects to your Smart Phone via Bluetooth


  • A GPS rangefinder with distance to front, center and back of the green
  • Over 34,000 golf courses mapped Worldwide
  • Super simple interface designed for long battery life for your iPhone
  • Connects directly with your 60beat Ranger golf watch….you can leave your iPhone in your golf bag and get the data right on your watch
  • Watch works like a standard digital sports watch but it has the added feature of a Golf Range Finder

FREE GPS Rangefinder

Take strokes off your game with smart golf information:

  • Accurate distance information, rivaling any other app or $300 device
  • View a satellite photo of the hole you are playing.
  • Zoom in on the green and see distance to front/middle/back

RANGER Golf Watch

  • Easy to setup, takes less than 2 minutes
  • Press Range button, watch wakes up and connects to your iPhone. The iPhone sends the data via Bluetooth to the watch, then the watch turns off the Bluetooth. 3 years or more with a normal watch battery. No recharging required.
  • Watch has standard sport watch features, Time of Day, Alarm and Stopwatch. Pair with your iPhone and is sets time and date automatically

Package contents include: Watch and Instruction Book

Why 60beat?

We’ve been making innovative App enabled products for more than 4 years.

We make easy to use products that provide the essential information you are looking from your iPhone.

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