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60Beat GamePad FAQs

Does the App have my golf course included?

The GPS Golf Watch App by 60beat includes 34,000 golf courses around the world. It includes virtually all US and European Golf courses. The App is free, you can download the app and it will show you all the golf courses within 30 miles of your location. Review this list to see if your course is included. If it is not included, please send us an e-mail and we will add it.

What Apps does it work with?

Today it work with the GPS Golf Watch by 60beat available in the app store. More apps are coming soon.

My Watch is not connecting to the iPhone?

Make sure that your Bluetooth is enabled on the watch. Also make sure that your specific watch has been paired with the App. The watch may be paired with the Bluetooth on the iPhone but it must also be paired with the App. In App go to "Menu" > "Pair with Watch" and following instructions on the screen.

The App turns off while being used?

The App is designed to work with the latest version of iOS. Please be sure to update to the latest version of the SmartPhone software. The App uses location data which can use your Smartphones battery power. The app is designed to shut off the location tracking after 6 hours of use or if you leave the golf course area by over 1 mile. To reactive the location service, just reopen the App on your Smartphone. This will restart the 6 hour timer.

I am traveling out of the country, will it work?

The App requires that location services are enabled for the App. If you travel outside of the USA, then your phone must have data roaming enabled to make sure the location services are working correctly. Check with your service provider for details on data roaming.

How does it connect to the SmartPhone?

It uses Bluetooth, connects for 10 seconds and then turns off the Bluetooth to save battery. If you move during the 10 second connection period, the App will update the watch with new distances. If you need a new measurement, press the Range button again for a new reading.

The App is on the wrong hole?

The App try to figure out which hole you are playing. If you are on the fairway of another hole, you may need to tell the App to change the hole number. Press the Range button, if the wrong hole appears, then press + or - button until you get to the correct hole

Is the watch water resistant?

Yes, it is water resistant to 30 meters.

60Beat BLUE Heart Rate FAQs

The iPhone is not recognizing the BLUE Heart Rate Strap.

The most common reason for not synching strap and iPhone is other apps operating in the background. Other apps that use Bluetooth sensors can interfere. Rebooting the iPhone will kill these other apps. If this does not work try resetting the chest strap. To reset chest strap, remove the BLUE battery from the strap for 2 minutes and then replace.

How do i turn on the Bluetooth?

In iOS 6, go to settings>Bluetooth. Slide to on position. You will see the Bluetooth symbol in the upper right of your screen. In earlier versions of iOS, go to settings>general>Bluetooth.

I do not see the BLUE strap in the Bluetooth settings area.

In the Bluetooth settings area you will not see Bluetooth Low Energy products, like the BLUE heart rate monitor. You will see Bluetooth headsets and other full Bluetooth items. The 60beat Blue will still show up in apps that are compatible with the BLUE if you have the Bluetooth set to the on position. Check for the chest strap in these apps.

Does the BLUE strap have an on off switch ?

There is no on/off switch on the BLUE chest strap. When you put the unit on your chest, it complete the circuit and powers up the chest strap. When you remove the chest strap from your chest it turns off.

When I use the chest strap, I get high heart beat readings.

Most commonly this is a result of poor contact between the strap and your chest. The best solution is to make sure you have wet the sensor fully to provide good electrical contact between your chest and the strap

Where are the sensors on the chest strap?

The sensors are the soft rubber-like material between the hard plastic center and the hole where the elastic strap connects. Make sure to wet the areas between this soft resin material and your chest. Water or saliva usually work. Some people buy creams or gels designed to improve conductivity. These are available on line.

Can I use the BLUE while on a treadmill?

Yes, the 60beat BLUE works great with a treadmill. You can place your smart device on the panel of the treadmill. Since the signal is digital, it will not get any interference from the gym equipment or other people who may use a heart monitor in the gym.

Can I use Bluetooth headphones at the same time as the BLUE HRM?

Yes.Different apps work differently when using Bluetooth headphones. So the sequence you use to start the Apps and the music is important. When using the 60beat app, use the following steps in this order. 1. start 60beat App. 2 Connect the chest strap 3. Hit the home button at the bottom of the phone, the 60beat App will operate in the background. 4. Start the music 5. Return to the 60beat App. This sequence can vary with other apps but they all should work with Bluetooth headphones.

What is required to use the 60beat BLUE HRM?

  • The 60beat BLUE HRM
  • An iPhone 5, 4S, iPad gen 3 or 4, iPad Mini or other Smartphone
  • An application on your smartphone that is designed to work with the 60beat BLUE
  • A person interested in a great fitness experience

What are the steps to setting up the BLUE HRM?

  1. Download the "60beat heart rate monitor" application on your Smartphone – (other applications that support the BLUE, look on for a complete list of compatible Apps).
  2. Put on heart rate monitor chest strap - remember to wet the sensors on the back of the chest strap to create a strong connection between your chest and the transmitter
  3. Make sure Bluetooth is in the on position on your smart device
  4. In 60beat App, go to settings and following instructions to pair BLUE
  5. Enjoy your workout

60Beat Product Information

Limited Warranty

The limited warranties provided by 60beat apply only to new product purchased for your own use, and not for resale or export outside of the United States. 60beat warrants that the hardware and any accessories will be free of defects in workmanship and materials, under normal use, for ninety (90) days from the original purchase date. The warrants do not apply to any software products which are designed to work in conjunction with the 60beat products. The warrants do not apply to damages that result from misuse, accident, environmental stress or improper use. 60beat standard warranty details are available at


60beat or its' owner shall not be liable for any damages, losses, costs or expenses, direct, indirect or incidental, consequential or special, arising out of, or related to the use of this material or the products described herein.

Contact Information

E-mail: [email protected]
Box 1778 New Britain CT 06050 USA

Disposal of Device:

Do not dispose of this product as unsorted municipal waste. It is your responsibility to return this product to local recycling service.

EU-Declaration of Conformity

60beat declares this product is in compliance with EMC directive 2004/108/EC. A copy of the Declaration of Conformity is available on request from our Customer Service.

Shipping Information

  • All in-stock items will ship within 1 to 3 business day (This policy is applicable to all shipping methods).
  • Any orders that are placed after 3:00pm EST will be processed the following business day.
  • We do not ship partial orders. If an item(s) is back-ordered and you wish to get the rest of the order please contact [email protected]